Опубликована статья: Pozdnyakov A.S., Emel’yanov A.I., Ivanova A.A., Kuznetsova N.P., Semenova, T.A., Bolgova Yu.I., Korzhova S.A., Trofimova O.M., Fadeeva T.V., Prozorova G.F. Strong antimicrobial activity of highly stable nanocomposite containing AgNPs based on water-soluble triazole-sulfonate copolymer // Pharmaceutics. – 2022. – V. 14. – Iss. 1. – P. 206 (1-12). IF 6,321. Q1 (БАЦКП, РФФИ 19-03-00708). 16.01.2022. DOI: 10.3390/pharmaceutics14010206

Abstract: A new hydrophilic polymeric nanocomposite containing AgNPs was synthesized by chemical reduction of metal ions in an aqueous medium in the presence of the copolymer. A new water-soluble copolymer of 1-vinyl-1,2,4-triazole and vinylsulfonic acid sodium salt (poly(VT-co-Na-VSA)) was obtained by free-radical copolymerization and was used as a stabilizing precursor agent. The structural, dimensional, and morphological properties of the nanocomposite were studied by UV–Vis, FTIR, X-ray diffraction, atomic absorption, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering, gel permeation chromatography, thermogravimetric analysis, and differential scanning calorimetry. Hydrodynamic diameter of macroclubs for the copolymer was 171 nm, and for the nanocomposite it was 694 nm. Zeta potential for the copolymer was −63.8 mV, and for the nanocomposite it was −70.4 mV. The nanocomposite had strong antimicrobial activity towards Gram-negative and Gram-positive microorganisms: MIC and MBC values were in the range of 0.25–4.0 and 0.5–8.0 μg/mL, respectively.


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